Alpha Maximus: The Last Lycan

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Alpha Maximus: The Last Lycan

Alpha Maximus: The Last Lycan

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Although it was half frozen, I stepped into the lake, washing all the food and sauce from my hair and body as quickly as possible. I quickly cross my arms to cover my breasts, and curl my legs in closer to my body to hide my lady parts. Hearing the pack members talking, I quickly put porridge in all the bowls before dashing back upstairs before any of the pack members see me. Once out of sight, I lean against the grey stone wall in the shadows before sliding down to the ground and hugging my knees. Falling to the floor, I hunched over, holding my stomach, looking up to see Sam ripping his shirt and wrapping it over his finger to stop the bleeding.

We spoke, and she told me Micah is her mate who she thinks I killed, and I bolted out of there freaking out she had a mate, then ran into Soren and told him. Due to his mate's magic ability, questions are raised and the werewolf community now fears them both and declares war against them. It’s a worn old cardigan with no buttons, holding the front closed with my hands shaking from the cold.Hot sparks flow through my body as my hands glow, my hair rises, flowing around me, and my eyes are a glimmering silver. Letting out a breath I’m holding in, I collapse onto my mattress, in shock at what just happened, and what I have just done. Although I’m half frozen, I step into the lake, and wash all the food and sauce from my hair and body. I feel nervous and worry about the thought of leaving the pack for so long and the thought of not finding my mate. He would have figured out not long after we escaped from him that the small taste of Lylah’s blood he had, has greatly strengthened him much more than anything else he has ever fed off.

As soon as I’m done, I run back to the pack house completely drenched, and sneak back upstairs to the attic. As soon as our eyes meet, I feel my body wanting to be closer to his as if I were being sucked through a portal. Every night, I look up at the moon through a tiny hole and feel as though the Moon Goddess is staring back at me.My hair used to be white, almost platinum blonde, but it has been years since I have had the luxury of using soap in my hair, so now it looks ash blonde. While the porridge boils, I set the table with bowls, spoons and cups, and give the porridge a stir. There’s a lot happening in the story, and i like that he finds his mate in detention and they escape and fight together! Hidden secrets about his mate's past are revealed, which leads to his mate fulfilling a deadly prophecy. I clean the kitchen faster than usual, but I'm only able to scrape a few spoons of porridge for myself.

Alpha Tate sent me here to make sure I punish you properly,’ he says, forcefully moving my arms and holding them still, so he can have a good look at my naked flesh. He is shunned and disliked even by most of his own pack until he is captured which leads to him finding his mate in dire circumstances. I raced in there and held her in my arms, and I spent over an hour comforting her until she fell asleep on me.

Becky bursts into laughter and begins elbowing Lord Talon in the ribs, ‘Master, you should take this human's advice and feed off your blood flame. Inkitt is the world’s first reader-powered publisher, providing a platform to discover hidden talents and turn them into globally successful authors. I straddle his lap and begin to undo his belt as he pulls the laces undone on the back of my dress and yanks it down, exposing my breasts. I did not see coming that Lylah having two mates; one of them was a wolf and the other is a vampire. Falling to the floor, I hunch over, holding my stomach, and watch him tear a strip off his shirt, and wrap it around his finger to stop the bleeding.

And that is why we can't find her because she doesn't want to be found or wants a werewolf, not a Lycan? Alpha Maximus of the Blood Moon pack is the last of his kind, mateless and shunned by the werewolf community and unable to control his Lycan making him a bigger threat to all around him. A plate of vegetables with a steak is placed in front of me, whilst a serving of blood is poured into Lord Talon’s goblet. Omg this book is bloody awesome I am having trouble putting the book down, every chance I have to rest and read I pick up this book I carnt wait to see what happens to the family and who the mates are for the kids of the alpha and luna. The room was filled with people, and I had approached Alpha Tate asking for a blanket or at least some warmer clothes.

As soon as I was clean, I ran back to the pack house completely drenched and snuck upstairs to the attic. He carries me to his office, kicking the door shut behind us, and sits in his chair, holding me firmly onto his lap. Lord Talon would have come to check on me through the night to find I’m gone and see I’ve escaped through the window. The edges are tattered with the odd rip, and the material is thin in places, and has over time, frayed.

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