Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver With Clean & Charge Station & Leather Case, Flawless Shave, 100% Waterproof, 2 Pin Bathroom Plug, 9390cc, Silver Razor

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Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver With Clean & Charge Station & Leather Case, Flawless Shave, 100% Waterproof, 2 Pin Bathroom Plug, 9390cc, Silver Razor

Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver With Clean & Charge Station & Leather Case, Flawless Shave, 100% Waterproof, 2 Pin Bathroom Plug, 9390cc, Silver Razor

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I personally don’t find the Series 9 or 7 to perform significantly better with shaving cream as it’s the case with Panasonic shavers for example. As long as it’s alcohol-based and doesn’t contain certain ingredients (like harsh solvents), it should be fine. If you don’t mind cleaning your shaver manually you can go for an s model and save some money, especially in the long run. That’s also the reason why on some official photos of the Series 9 there’s a 9 on the shaver’s display.

Experience the pinnacle of electric shaving with the Series 9 PRO+ by Braun, delivering unparalleled closeness, comfort, and precision. When used in wet electric shaver mode with shaving foam or gel, all you need to do is remove excess product from your electric foil shaver with water. The 93xx and 94xx black shavers now have a matte finish instead of glossy (for example, the 9340s or the 9460cc). HyperLift and Cut Trimmer - Lifts and cuts flat lying hairs from problem areas like the neck and chin area. Right after the launch of the original Series 9, there was a shortage of replacement shaving heads (90s and 90b cassettes).Ultimate precision even on tricky hair: Built-in precision Pro Trimmer, enhanced with surgical-grade steel, gives maximum cutting efficiency even on moustache, sideburns and under nose. Featuring Braun's unique ProLift trimmer, the Series 9 Pro range lifts and cuts tricky hair whether you have one-day-old stubble or a week of growth. However, if you perform a manual cleaning beforehand, thoroughly shaking off the excess water from the shaving head and also patting it dry with a paper towel, it should be fine. If you want to use shaving cream and still use the cleaning station, you must first thoroughly rinse any foam/lather and Braun also recommends that the shaver be completely dry before placing it into the station.

Will charging the Panasonic ES-LV95-S in the accompanying station also take care of lubrication or only clean and charge the shaver? If you don't have a cleaning centre, then simply rinse your wet electric shaver and allow it to dry. This is handy for removing cut hairs from the electric foil shaver as well as for ridding yourself of excess shaving foam (in the case of wet shaves). I could not tell you when they changed the formula, but I am almost positive they tweaked it a few years ago.

I guess this can still be a problem after years of use when the battery can’t hold a decent charge anymore, but Braun shavers have an excellent track record regarding battery life. The original Series 9 can still be found (most likely pre-owned) and despite the risk of a faulty shaving head and degraded battery, it can be a viable option if you manage to get a great deal on one. While the least common of the four major stainless steel families, martensitic and precipitation hardening steels are popular in applications requiring a precise, hardened edge. If you’re trying to decide between something like the Braun Series 9 9390cc vs 9370cc or 9465cc vs 9460cc and so on, this section should come in handy. The ProComfort massage head only comes with a couple of S9 PRO+ models but also separately, at least in Europe.

Regarding your question, the display of the Series 9 (regardless of the variation) shows the remaining battery using the 5 horizontal bars. Apart from that, a matte gold finish and a more premium packaging, there’s absolutely no difference between the 9299s and any other wet/dry Series 9 in terms of shaving performance. Moreover, the Pro station of all my Series 9 shavers (regardless of the generation) annoyingly tends to only select the intensive mode, even after a single quick shave. For this reason, along with the potential problems of the original shaving heads (we’ll get into that as well), the original Series 9 models don’t represent a viable option in 2024 anymore. I am unfortunately one of the ones who could only use a blade once, and once only, resulting in an empty wallet.Definitely no problem switching between two different foil shavers (as longs as they’re both high quality products and suitable for the job). The cleaning cycle of both is very short, with the the Series 7 having a slight advantage since it uses induction heat and that dries the shaving head faster. His only complaint on the models he has had so far is that the cleaning fluid seems to evaporate quickly.

I tried to provide something similar to your suggestion for the Series 7 here and I will soon post a detailed guide on the cleaning stations. As for the elusive 93xx update, it seems more like a mid-life facelift of the Series 9 that doesn’t bring any significant improvements over the existing 92xx shavers (except for the larger battery), but it will likely boost the sales. In this case a manual clean is not necessary, you can simply toss your razor into the cleaning base once you’ve finished shaving. The state-of-the-art Li-ion battery in Series 9 shavers fully recharges in one hour, giving you 60 minutes of shaving time.Understanding the unique characteristics of different stainless steel alloys is essential to not only ensuring long-lasting and safe performance, but optimizing costs as well. The Braun Electric Shaver Series 9 Pro 9427s and the 9417s, on the other hand, come with a cleaning brush and charging stand.

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