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Adult Gamora Sexy Costume

Adult Gamora Sexy Costume

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In 2023, the Avengers initiated the Time Heist to collect the Infinity Stones out of alternate past timelines to resurrect the victims of Thanos' Snap. After Nebula was sent to an from alternate 2014 to steal the Orb from Morag, this attracted the attention of the Gamora, Thanos and Nebula that lived in this timeline. With the 2014 Nebula impersonating the 2023 Nebula, Gamora joined her father and his armies as they boarded the Sanctuary II and were brought into the prime timeline through the Quantum Realm. Gamora chose to turn on her father and joined the armies opposing Thanos during the Battle of Earth. [9] Now stranded in the prime timeline and having never joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, this Gamora Variant went on a different path from the prime Gamora and joined the Ravagers. Gamora then listened as Nebula claimed to have only wanted a sister, stating that Gamora was the only true family she possessed while serving under Thanos. Following their fight, the two formed an uneasy alliance. Exploring the caverns, they came across a large pile of bones, which confirmed Gamora's suspicions about Ego from earlier. As they observed the bones that belonged to Ego's children, Nebula warned her that they should leave the planet.

The Guardians ultimately arrived on Ego's homeworld. Gamora observed the sublime landscapes and diverse fauna on the planet in fascination. Perplexed, Gamora asked what species Ego was, and was startled by the revelation that Ego was, in fact, a Celestial, which affirmed Star-Lord's lineage as a Celestial as well. Ego continued to elaborate on how he came into existence, explaining how he created his planet.


While being led to the top of the mountain, Thanos inquired as to how the Red Skull knew so much about the nature of the Infinity Stones, to which he noted that he himself tried to possess the Space Stone during World War II, but had been cast out to Vormir after he abused the Tesseract's power, alluding to his confrontation with Captain America. As a result of his misdeeds, he had been cursed to be the guardian of the Soul Stone, guiding others who sought it. Enhanced Reflexes: Gamora's natural reflexes had been augmented by the use of nanomachines throughout her bloodstream, increasing her reaction time in combat situations. [15] Abidemi Sobande, Eli Logue and Anna Elizabeth were stand-ins for Zoe Saldana in the role of Gamora. Ocular and Respiratory Implants: Gamora had implants installed in her visual system and respiratory system, providing enhanced stamina and vision. i don't own Marvel (obviously) Language: English Words: 21,543 Chapters: 8/8 Comments: 6 Kudos: 47 Bookmarks: 4 Hits: 2,902

On the way to Knowhere, Gamora took Star-Lord to one side and made him promise to kill her if Thanos captured her. Gamora told him that she knew something that Thanos could never know. Star-Lord asked her what it was, but Gamora refused to tell him, stating that he would be in danger if he knew as well. As they embraced each other and kissed, their moment was interrupted by Drax the Destroyer, who was "mastering" the art of being invisible by standing totally still. As the two rebutted his argument, Mantis appeared and greeted him much to his disappointment. Gamora joined in the Battle of Xandar, taking a seat in the Milano with Star-Lord, Groot and Drax the Destroyer, as they prepared to engage Ronan the Accuser, Gamora noted that it was a terrible plan. While Yondu Udonta and the Ravagers provided a distraction for Nebula, the Guardians of the Galaxy started to dive underneath the Dark Aster. During the battle, they became overrun with the Sakaarans' ships and seemed overpowered until the Nova Corps arrived, led by Garthan Saal and assisted them in the battle.


On top of that he's a lousy father and definitely abused you while you were with him." She didn't say anything but Tony exaggerated his nod and Nebula nodded. Using the Power Stone, Thanos tortured her in front of Gamora to make her reveal the location of the Soul Stone. After swearing on her life to Thanos that she did not know its location, Thanos proved his knowledge of Gamora's lie by accessing Nebula's memory and showed her a hologram projection from her eye showing Gamora telling her sister that she had found the map to the Soul Stone and burned it to ash to prevent him from ever locating it. I know who you are, Peter Quill! And I am not some starry-eyed waif here to succumb to your... your pelvic sorcery!" ―Gamora to Peter Quill [src]

Nebula managed to hold on as her cybernetic arm became impaled on the piece of debris and hung thousands of feet above Xandar, Gamora attempted to reason with her sister by telling her that Ronan the Accuser was crazy and they could still stop him. Nebula refused to listen, citing that they were both crazy, and instead cut off her own arm and fell from the ship, landing on M-Ship, throwing the pilot out, and flying it to safety. [2] Crashing on Xandar [ ]After being sacrificed by Thanos, Gamora's soul trapped in the Soulworld showed a more defeated side, seemingly being the only hero who humbly accepted Thanos' victory, as when Thanos came to her, she bore no ill will towards him and calmly asked if he did it. She even showed a softer side when he solemnly replied that achieving his goal needed him to sacrifice her, sadly smiling as if to comfort Thanos. Multilingualism: Gamora was fluent in her native language, as well as English, and she can also understand Groot after spending four years with Groot. She danced with Quill with the latter trying to get her to admit that there was something between them -- something she denied. Gamora expressed her suspicions, but Quill accused her of being jealous of his 'half-god' status and demanded to know why she could not be happy for him having found his family. Gamora responded that she already thought he had found his family before storming off. [8] Showdown with Nebula [ ]

Gamora outlook is green coloured. And she is also known as the “deadliest woman in the galaxy”. Gamora is the adopted daughter of Thanos. Gamora is very hot. And sexy and I don’t have enough words to personify her beauty. Gamora joined Guardians of Galaxy after she realised the goals of her father Thanos. That makes him imagine that option as well, and his face twists in disgust. What the hell`s wrong with his brain tonight? "My face is grateful to you too." He adds. Language: English Words: 287,356 Chapters: 35/36 Comments: 59 Kudos: 146 Bookmarks: 20 Hits: 6,033 Maybe this man could be your David Hasselhoff. If he ends up being evil... we'll just kill him." ―Gamora to Peter Quill [src]

Years later, Nebula killed countless Xandarians before running afoul of the Earth?s Mightiest Heroes during her attempt to take over the remaining Skrull Empire. At that point, Galactus had just devoured the Skrull home world, leaving the race devastated. Nebula, then captaining the Sanctuary II, met Monica Rambeau, who was going by the name Captain Marvel. Chloé Bruce, Lee-Anne Telford, Bethany Levy and Ana Shepherd were stunt doubles for Zoe Saldana in the role of Gamora.

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