Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Costume for Kids

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Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Costume for Kids

Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Costume for Kids

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After fighting the two big Slakebeasts (tigers with squid faces), you will have to command Groot to build a bridge to move on to the waterfalls. After going over Groot’s bridge, head left and destroy the grey goo, then use your Ice Element blasters to freeze the waterfall in the cave and jump up to find this Costume chest. Groot – Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Outfit After defeating the duo of tailed slakebeasts, you’ll grab the electronic cage. From there, you’ll need Groot to build a bridge to continue forward. Over the bridge, take the path to the left where you’ll need to destroy some grey goo to enter a cave. Inside the cave, use your elemental guns to shoot ice at the waterfall to create a platform. Climb up and out of the cave to find this Groot outfit on the edge of a cliff. Behind the face is a cave with toxic gas. Use your elemental guns to shoot ice at the gas and make the room safe. Then hop over the gap and command Groot to lift a platform inside the cave up to a ledge above you. Since you’ll spend the entirety of this mission on the Milano, there are no outfits to find in Chapter 9 of Guardians of the Galaxy. Chapter 10: Test of Faith Once you’ve finally defeated the mind-controlled Nova Corps soldiers in Chapter 5, you will eventually get to the Electrical Room. In the Electrical Room, you should see an extendable platform to the left for you to use to progress through the chapter and a forklift to the right. Behind the forklift, you should see the outfit crate. Groot – Annihilation Conquest Outfit

There are two outfits in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 2: Busted. However, you can only collect one of them for now. You’ll be able to get the other one in Chapter 7. The box under the stairs You can get this box in chapter 7 Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon Make your way toward it and you’ll find an ice wall. Shoot through it with your guns’ fire ability and then make your way up and around this pillar to the chest. Gamora outfit: Chosen Daughter Keep creating platforms in this section Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via PolygonThere are three outfits in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game Chapter 10: Test of Faith. Gamora outfit: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Enter this cave for this outfit Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon Exit the cave and keep climbing up until you find a ledge you can shimmy across to this outfit chest. Groot outfit: Annihilation: Conquest Suit Enter this cave Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon Keep going and eventually, there will be a second combat sequence with a worm thing. Once it's dealt with, smash your way through the ice and use Groot's ability to form a path. You'll enter a room filled with gas, so turn around and look for a small alcove to find the box with the outfit.

There are two outfits in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 8: The Matriarch. Star-Lord outfit: Bad-Lord Jump into the room above Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon We're at Chapter 12 now and there are quite a few outfits to find. First off is the Thanos Imperative for Drax. Once you exit the Milano and fight off a bunch of enemies, have Drax move the big yellow box that's under some machinery. Climb up and jump over the gap to find it. In the mines, there will be two sections where you need to create platforms with your guns’ ice abilities. The second time you need to do this, you’ll see mist to the left of the platform you just made. The areas you need to shoot will appear and disappear, so use your visor to see where you need to shoot.Carry on until you reach the Marketplace and have dealt with all the enemies. If you follow the main path, you'll eventually find a door you can use the Wind Shot ability on and inside you'll find this outfit. By this point, you'll have spotted the Wendigo and passed through the forest full of poisonous plants. What a delightful place! Pass the two red trees and keep right and you'll reach an area still full of plants spewing gas. Use that Plasma Shot you just got to destroy them and you'll spot the box with the outfit in the middle of the area. After you cross the wooden bridge after you command Groot to do so in Chapter 13, you should see a Katathian body covered in ice to the left. You should cross the ledge to the right, and after doing so, go inside the dark cave and by immediately looking at the right side, you should see the outfit crate hidden around the corner. Groot – Golden Guardians Outfit After you receive the fire ability for Star-Lord’s guns, you’ll use your new skill to melt ice in a cave. At one point you’ll melt ice from the ceiling to drop a piece of the cave on top of a giant skeleton. This lets you jump across a gap. Once you’ve defeated the frost worms, Groot will build a bridge across a gap. You’ll shimmer over a ledge and enter a cave. Once you enter the cave, you’ll find this chest in a path directly to your right. Star-Lord outfit: War-Lord Shoot this ice to drop a platform for Groot Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon

When you find the helmet in the transmission room and if you choose to talk on the helmet, you’ll have to fight your way out of the Nova Corp base. After defeating a group of enemies in a hallway, you will enter a room glowing with orange light with a machine in the center of the room that you must jump up to exit this area. Before leaving, look at the far corner of the room to find a box with this outfit. Once you leave the burning camp, you’ll slide down a large ice tunnel. At the bottom, you’ll find a series of cliffs to your left with poison spores running along it. Destroy them and ascend upward to this outfit chest. There are two outfits in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 4: The Monster Queen. Who you choose to sell in Chapter 3 changes where you’ll obtain the costumes in this section of the game. Below we’ll detail where to find the outfits on the path in which you sell Groot. Drax outfit: Guardians of Galaxy (2014) [Sell Groot path] Sneak behind Hellbender’s throne Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon As you’re following Nikki through the Nova Corps base, you’ll go down a flight of stairs. When she asks you whether you want to hear the “good news” or “bad news” about your crew, you can go down another flight of steps to a landing covered in water. Behind some pipes, you’ll see a box containing an outfit. You’ll be able to get this costume in Chapter 7. Star-Lord outfit: Nova-Lord Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon You’ll need to create three ice platforms to find a gap in the wall you can push through. Inside you’ll find multiple components and this outfit.

You’ll slide down an ice tunnel after discovering a burning town. At the bottom of the tunnel, turn left to find a set of cliffs covered in poison plants. Shoot the plants to pass safely. You’ll discover Drax’s Katathian Monk outfit at the end of the cliffs. Chapter 14: Into the Fire

You should now have Star-Lord's Plasma Shot and you're on your way into yet another cave. Eventually, you'll need to shoot bits of ice off the ceiling to form a path. Once you reach the little pool, look up at the roof of the cave. Shoot the ice and a platform will fall, then use Groot's ability to reach a small alcove halfway up the cave wall. There should be a new outfit waiting for you. You'll end up in a familiar area from Chapter 2, but if you can't find it, retrace your steps and head to Nikki's hideout. The area is flooded with electrified water, but you can reroute the power using your electrified guns to make it safe to cross. There are pipes that Gamora can cut down and you'll find a box with the outfit stashed inside. Head toward the objective until you find a small flight of stairs leading to a building covered in pink branches. This building is across from the colorful slot machine. On the left side of the building, you’ll see a trio of children pointing finger guns at each other. If you have a hard time seeing them, turn the subtitles on and watch for “Pew-pew, pew-pew.” Behind these children is a railing you can jump over, leading to a series of red pipes below. Walk left along the pipes to find Star-Lord’s Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) outfit. Chapter 7: Canine Confusion Cross the bridge and walk through the tunnel. At the end will be a malfunctioning door. Shoot the panel above the door to reveal machinery you can shoot electricity at from your guns so the door opens.As you’ll be spending the majority of this mission inside Drax’s head, there are no outfits to find in Chapter 11 of Guardians of the Galaxy. Chapter 12: Knowhere to Run If you have the deluxe version of the game, you’ll also have two outfits for Star-Lord: Sun-Lord and City-Lord. These two costumes will also be available to those without the deluxe version upon beating the game. Once you're out of the big room, you'll enter an outdoor area with lots of big turrets. Eventually, you'll reach a fork in the road so head to the right. Jump over the gap and use Fire Shot to melt the ice ahead. Keep going and climb up the two platforms to get Drax's new outfit,

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