Immortal X-Men (2022-) #1

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Immortal X-Men (2022-) #1

Immortal X-Men (2022-) #1

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Not His Sled: Internally: When the Quiet Council begins to vote to determine if Hope should be allowed to join, Sinister knows in advance how the votes will land (outside of himself; he went in always planning to vote "No"). But when Destiny votes against, even though Sinister knows she originally voted the other way, that causes him to realize that she knows what he does, forcing him to change his vote. With the search continuing, Exodus approaches Hope Summers, and encourages her to seek the vacant seat. Later, Selene is making her case before the council, arguing that they need her magical prowess and experience with immortality to make up for the loss of Apocalypse, when Hope interrupts the presentation, all but demanding the vacant seat on behalf of the Five, warning that rejecting her would not be very popular on the island. Angered, Selene threatens to disrupt the External Gate to Arakko, which was built on the bones of her fellow Externals if she is rejected. Literary Allusion Title: The eighth issue is titled "The Curious Case of Dr. Essex and Mr. Sinister" as it lifts from The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in its depiction of Essex/Sinister during Victorian times. With the revelation about Moira's past lives and reset timelines during Inferno, a mad geneticist like Sinister has wasted no time weaponizing and modifying her ability for his own ends. Tag Team: Used twice in the second issue, where Rivals Team Up between Magneto and Storm before Duelling Messiahs Exodus and Hope Summers also join hands to repel Selene's Eldritch Abomination.

In issue #12 Raven reveals to Irene she knows what her wife did in the Sinister timeline to "protect" her, and that she is furious. The short answer is yes! The longer answer is that Immortal X-Men #1 works really well as both a continuation of the general X-line — and, in a pleasant surprise, Hellions — as well as a jumping-on point for new readers. The Quiet Council rules the Krakoan age, for better… or worse. Now, shaken by INFERNO and X LIVES / X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE, they strive to hold together—no matter how much they want to tear each other apart. Take a seat in the room where it happens. “It” being “the most powerful people on Earth deciding the fate of the whole planet.” Prepare for sinister secrets to be revealed and learn that some secrets are more sinister than others… Mother Righteous, meanwhile, isn’t interested in petty fighting. She’s earned Mystique’s thanks by delivering a copy of Destiny’s recording from Immoral X-Men #3. Mystique technically isn’t supposed to listen. Technically. But Mystique is Mystique, so of course she does.Anti-Magic: Hope Summers uses a bullet made of the fancy new metal Mysterium to counter Selene's famously potent regeneration. a b Adams, Timothy (November 24, 2021). "X-Men: Marvel Adds SPOILERS to the Quiet Council". Comicbook . Retrieved January 2, 2023. Mind Probe: In his origin story, Exodus fought and won a psychic duel with Sersi of the Eternals. Here, it's revealed he actually read her mind as he did so and learned a lot about Eternals, giving valuable insight into their nature.

Moses Archetype: In issue #14, in the aftermath of the Hellfire Gala, Exodus leads the banished Krakoans through a desert. Mister Sinister cloned Moira and used her resetting powers to manipulate events to his liking. He killed and corrupted several members of the Council including Professor X, White Queen, Hope, and Exodus by implanting his personality in them during the resurrection process and used them to take over the world. He was exiled to the Pit as a result of his actions.

Bad Powers, Bad People: Selene is a semi-immortal Mutant who feeds on people to keep living. She couldn't give a damn about Krakoa's benefits or the possibility of altering her power so she doesn't have to keep eating people. She wants to eat people. She likes eating people.

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