King's Cage (Red Queen)

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King's Cage (Red Queen)

King's Cage (Red Queen)

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Could I also add in the fact that the characters were as boring as the dirt under their fingernails? Rescue Attempt: Mare and Cal plan to bring a team to the Choke to rescue the young Red soldiers forced to fight on the frontlines. However, their plane is downed by Maven (with the help of a few Magnetrons from House Samos), who strikes a deal with Mare: the rest can go free if she becomes be his prisoner. For one….I’ve read a million and one books that are bridges to the final story, and not felt an ounce of the boredom I felt for this one. It’s just a whole lot of nothing, if I’m being honest. I suppose there was plenty of political planning, war strike planning, and even some pretty decent action scenes, but it felt so contrived, so forced that I couldn’t help but feel wholly disconnected.

On a brighter note, I cheered for Evangeline (who may or may not have been the biggest and scariest badass), I swooned over shirtless Cal and I experienced a rush of adrenaline each time a fight was described or a new conspiracy was set into motion. If it hadn't been for the first half, King's Cage would deserve all the stars in the sky! The Mighty Nein go into the King’s Cage in search of Obann, with Locate Object they find crest placed inside an palm side alcove, and read the inscription. It had already opened the door into the cliff side, they enter the tunnel and find the obelisk marking a side tunnel. Down that tunnel thee two doors are already opened and the statues are appearing to be weep blood. Nott goes Invisible and enters through the doors, finding a room filled with fourteen Aasimar statues, kneeling, all weeping blood, surrounded by what seems to be Aasimar skeletons and the remnants of a battle. They face a huge adamantine portcullis door. Thrumming through the statues, the party can hear faint oboe-like music. Caleb sends Frumpkin under the, already opened door into the dark room beyond, but he can see little without light. Fjord and Caduceus transform to look like Yasha. The still-invisible Nott creeps beneath the adamantine door and into the chamber within.Mare has turned herself in to Maven in exchange for the lives of her friends. King Maven held to his end of the bargain and did not pursue them. Now he holds Mare prisoner and televises her capture. He makes her out to be a leader of the Scarlet Guard. He forces her to kneel in front of him while he attaches a gold collar and leash to her. Many citizens of Norta believe Maven's lies, but some Silvers are against Maven and his tactics. King's Cage is a great follow-up in a thrilling and exciting series. The story of this novel will have resounding echoes in the last book (ohmygodjustonemorebook). The grand, masterful blend of action and politics and romance had my head spinning, awed, and the characters infuse a unique vibe to an already mesmerizing mix of dystopia and fantasy. I cannot recommend these books enough.

As interesting at the premise is, the book failed to capture my attention as well as having little to no character development for Mare. Literally, the first 2/3rds of the book was filler and the last bit was rushed action. Aside from that, nothing else happened. Just talking and talking and talking and descriptions and more talking and more talking and *snore*

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Lady Larentia of House Viper: Evangeline’s mother, an Animos of House Viper. She is brutal and ambitious, and manipulates animals (such as snakes) into clothing, similar to Evangeline’s penchant for metal dresses. Mare's sister, Gisa. Gisa has red hair. I'm not a genetics expert so don't take my word as 100% accurate, but if Mare is olive skinned, how does Gisa have red hair if red hair isn't common in olive skinned people or of darker colors? Victoria said something about genetics which, like I said, I'm not a genetics expert (not to mention there isn't a clear description of Mare's parents' skin tones), so I'm not sure how this works. NO one knows how painful this is for me to rate and feel this way. It has nothing to do with Maven. It has nothing to do with my precious baby Cal, who, by the way, I will still marry someday and who can STILL do no wrong in my eyes. And, actually, it has nothing to do with Mare. I don't care if you're team Cal, Maven, Mare, Kilorn, or Evangeline. In fact? It had nothing to do with this hideous representation of the characters in this story, at all. As the stone door in the Angel room closes behind them, the Mighty Nein are distraught that Yasha has turned with Jester being particularly affected. They then hear heavy footsteps and a loud hammering as The Laughing Hand tries to beat the door down so he can escape his prison. Sigh. And Mare. Oh Mare-she can make or break your love for this series….where I sit wholeheartedly in the middle. She definitely isn’t someone I’d say is a favorite heroine (or even one I truly like) but I don’t feel the way most readers do. She is kind of a badass, really. And yes, she has made me so mad I could throw my iPad across the room, but no, she isn’t unbearable, to me. She was the best she’s ever been-I can assure everyone of that. I won’t get into it, but I will say this: my biggest problem is what COULD be. I don’t know how Aveyard will end this…but I do have a problem with one outcome, and I’ll leave it alone because I, quite frankly, don’t want to be harassed about it. Just know, there is a super…depressing way this could end, and I sure hope she doesn’t choose to end it that way, because it would really break my heart.

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