Meaco Heat Motion Eye 1.8kW Heater. Warmth only when you need it. Automatically turns on when you are close by. (Black)

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Meaco Heat Motion Eye 1.8kW Heater. Warmth only when you need it. Automatically turns on when you are close by. (Black)

Meaco Heat Motion Eye 1.8kW Heater. Warmth only when you need it. Automatically turns on when you are close by. (Black)

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The other controls let you choose between quiet Sleep mode, powerful High mode for laundry and economic Low mode for daytime use. You can fine-tune these by setting the fan speed and desired humidity level (you’ll want it under 50 percent, see below). But that’s it. Very much a fire-and-forget machine. I like the way it looks, too. Although it’s an American company, there’s something reassuringly Swiss about it. Maybe that’s just me. The smaller model, 1.8kW has two outputs levels to save energy, a 1-7 hour off timer and a fan only mode for summer use. Design foibles aside, this is an outstanding heater that’s hot enough to toast marshmallows. And when it’s time to move outdoors for some al fresco evening entertainment, you can simply take it with you.

In reality, it’s probably a little too powerful for my needs, instead I’d recommend it to anyone with large, open-plan rooms in their houses or a big house with open doors, where it can sit in a hallway. While the power of 290 Watts means it only costs around 8p per hour, there are still lower energy options on this list that anyone with a smaller house or flat should consider. Meaco uses a PTC heating element in the MeacoHeat 2.0kW, which is designed to self-limit at lower temperatures, rather than getting red hot as would a steel element. This should mean this fan heater is safer to leave on all of the time, particularly since there’s are a temperature stat control and motion detection to turn the fan off automatically. Mylek Remote Control Electric Baseboard Skirting Heater: Best space-saving option for smaller conservatories For the best results, the dehumidifier should always be placed at least 20 centimetres away from every wall,' says Chloe King, Duux brand manager. 'In addition, we advise to place the device away from drafts from doors, windows, and air vents for optimal efficiency.' 9. Getting the wrong size for the job

Traditional heating works by setting the temperature using a thermostat to maintain a room temperature, regardless of whether the room is used constantly or only occasionally. A spare bedroom, children’s playroom, conservatory, office workspace or shed may have infrequent use, but in the colder weather still need warming up.

A dehumidifier helps with condensation, which in turn helps to reduce the chance for mould spores to form and develop further if your home is suffering from a mild mould problem. However, a dehumidifier doesn't get rid of mould.

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Granted, at 1kW, its power output is 1,000 Watts less than most other models, but the benefit in the long term is lower running costs. This heater is also equipped with an intelligent thermostat that monitors room temperature, turning itself on and off when required. You can program it – and set a timer – via its intuitive touch-screen interface or the included remote control. It comes with three main heat settings – 350W, 700W and 1,000W. Thanks to the range of MeacoHeat, those days are over! MotionMove technology utilises motion sensing technology that turns the heater on when you enter the room and off again when you leave. This technology ensures that heaters are automatically turned off once you leave the room, giving you the heat you want when it’s needed ensuring less energy usage for the money & environment conscious households. Thankfully there are no such regulations when it comes to equipping a conservatory with electric heaters, especially those of the portable kind. With this in mind, we’ve curated the following list of excellent contenders that will keep your conservatory warm and habitable during colder periods.

This model comes with a raft of features, including two heat settings (1kW and 2kW), an IP24 rating for Zone 2 bathroom use, a 24-hour and seven-day timer, and the aforementioned touch, app and voice control options. Always popular at this time of year, the MeacoHeat MotionMove Eye heaters (no longer available) are a cost-effective solution to heat a room only when you need it. The motion-activated sensor is triggered by movement, making them ideal for children’s playrooms, warming up the cold conservatory or keeping you toasty at the office. Safe in the knowledge that when the room is no longer used, the heater will switch itself off, saving on energy bills. What do the experts say about the MeacoHeat? For maximum efficiency, position your dehumidifier close to the root of the issue. It's recommended that you place the appliance around 20cm away from a wall and away from windows, doors, and vents to allow it to work to its true potential. Do dehumidifiers stop condensation? Cost of living concerns mean we're more conscious of the high c ost of running a tumble dryer, but drying clothes naturally can incur additional costs, warns Chris from Meaco. 'The moisture released by the clothes as they dry will stay in the air, meaning that wet washing will take increasingly longer to dry – especially as households may be keeping windows closed to keep precious heat in,' he says. The recommended humidity for your home is 40-60 per cent in the summer months and between 30-50 per cent in the winter. You can measure it with a hygrometer (a humidity gauge - they’re not expensive). If it goes over 70 per cent, you run the risk of condensation, damp, mould, fungi and bacteria. That’s when you need a dehumidifier. Which is better, a compressor or desiccant dehumidifier?Getting the wrong-sized dehumidifier for the job will mean a household is either wasting energy or cannot remove moisture effectively from the home,' says Chris from Meaco. Safety-conscious, economical and stylish, MeacoHeat Motion heaters are perfect for filling in with some extra heat where it’s needed, or warming up a cold space fast. You can use the heater’s timer feature on its own, or in combination with Motion Eye, dialling up a delay of up to seven hours. Unfortunately, with no thermostat, we wouldn’t recommend leaving it on overnight for fear of waking up to a baking-hot room. With advice from air conditioning experts Ryan Kandola and Chris Wood and with help from others in The Telegraph Recommended team, I have tried and tested the best dehumidifiers on the market for energy efficiency, drying power, value for money and, where possible, quiet running. “Remember, size isn’t everything,” Ryan says. “Look at the area you’re dealing with and choose the right size of unit. You’ll be surprised at just how powerful some of the small dehumidifiers are.” High demand Related: Best electric heater Meaco MeacoHeat 2.0kW design and features – A little basic, but inoffensive enough

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