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Cills, Hazel. "Wednesday's 'Rat Saw God' is fearlessly, chaotically, grimly American". NPR . Retrieved April 9, 2023. Only Sane Man: Tries to help Mad Rat in his quest for revenge. Becomes this even more so following the reveal that Mad Rat's perception had been compromised from the beginning, and keeps him from danger from then on.

Faceless Eye: Her true form when she's unable to — or unwilling to — keep up the guise of a God is a pile of disembodied eyes.Look! I'm even shaped like a heart, hehehe! Aren't I cute?"Mad Rat's companion, his now talking heart who helps him get from level beat by beat. Is very supportive of his revenge. Reviewing the album for AllMusic, Mark Deming concluded, "Some albums sound like the artists were trying with all their might to make an epic statement in words and music; Rat Saw God sounds like Wednesday had no such lofty aims, but their commitment to the people they write about and their instincts about crafting music to match make this a stunningly powerful work that may well turn out to be a masterpiece." [14] In Beats Per Minute, Tim Sentz claimed that the album is an example of, "a band operating at their highest most infectious potency, and the end result is riveting." [15] Craig Howwieson at Clash described it as, "Finding magic in the mire - Rat Saw God is an emphatic, uplifting reminder of the privilege of being alive." [16] Breaking the Fourth Wall: When Mad Rat says 'give me a beat', Heart starts the music. In his boss fight, he can also stop the music and, therefore, time. He is also aware of the many times Mad Rat had died during gameplay. Overdrawn at the Blood Bank: His boss battle involves lots of blood. From using blood shoots to creating blood spikes, he even surrounds himself in a ball of blood as a means of guarding. First-Episode Resurrection: The game begins with Mad Rat getting killed via dissection. Right after that, the Rat God revives him during the tutorial. Except the Rat God never revived him herself; in truth, she just made him aware of his time powers.

Palmer, Martin, editor, et al, (1986). T'ung Shu: The Ancient Chinese Almanac. Boston: Shambala, ISBN 0-394-74221-4, 29-30. The Horned Rat's home domain in the Realm of Chaos, the Realm of Ruin, in the eyes of the great powers, mars the purity of Chaos. However, this view of the Horned Rat as simply a "minor" Chaos God by the other Ruinous Powers is very likely incorrect, even arrogant on the part of the great Chaos powers. [5a] Palmer, Martin, editor, et al, (1986). T'ung Shu: The Ancient Chinese Almanac. Boston: Shambala. ISBN 0-394-74221-4, pp. 34-35 Humans Are Bastards: Depending on the answers the player gives at the start, this is either player straight or subverted. If the choices were pitiless and cold, the doctor will be just as bad as Mad Rat thought. If the choices were merciful and emphatic, it is revealed the doctor is actually a decent person and their cruelty was yet another hallucination made by the Rat God. Wu, Zhonxian and Karin Wu (2014, 2016). Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches:TianGan DiZhi. London and Philadelphia: Singing Dragon, ISBN 978-1-84819-208-9, 25-28 and 98In traditional Chinese astrology as well as traditional Chinese astronomy the sky was mapped into various asterisms or what are sometimes referred to as Chinese constellations. This is actually more similar to the zodiac of Western astrology than is the 12-animal cycle. The stars along the plane of the ecliptic were divided into groups known as the Twenty-Eight Mansions. Because the moon during its monthly cycle could be observed to appear to move from one mansion (or "camp") into the next each night in turn, they are also known as Lunar Mansions. Traditionally, these mansions were divided into four groups of seven each, and associated with one of four spiritual entities. The rat is generally associated with the celestial region of the Mystical Warrior, or Xuánwǔ ((玄武)), and specifically with the mansion Xū (虛), which in turn is associated with the direction North and the darkest part of the winter season, in the northern hemisphere. [4] (Xū (虛) is more-or-less equivalent to Beta Aquarii, also known as Sadalsuud).

Palmer, Martin, editor, et al, (1986). T'ung Shu: The Ancient Chinese Almanac. Boston: Shambala, ISBN 0-394-74221-4, 35 The land is overrun with the Daemons of the Horned Rat known as Verminlords, each one as big as a Giant, and just as numerous in that realm as the Skaven are in the mortal world. However, there are only twelve Verminlords that are truly great and hold much influence in the realm, and these are those Exalted Verminlords who sit on what is known as the Shadow Council of Thirteen. The chief among their number is Skreech Verminking. The thirteenth member of the Shadow Council is the Horned Rat himself. [5a] Deville, Chris (April 4, 2023). "Album Of The Week: Wednesday Rat Saw God". Stereogum . Retrieved April 9, 2023. For a majority of the game, the Rat God takes the form of a humanoid, angelic rodent. She has spiky lime-green hair with a large ahoge under her hat, big ears, bright, round pink eyes, circular cheek blush, large white angel wings that connect at the waist, and a long tail which she often shapes like a heart at the end when joking or being mischievous. She Is the King: While she has a very feminine appearance and is always referred to as female, she's always called a God rather than a God dess.

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Gary Gygax (August 1982). “Greyhawk's World: Redefining deities of the Flanaess”. In Kim Mohan ed. Dragon #64 ( TSR, Inc.), p. 13. A few stages later, Mad Rat appears to succeed in his quest for revenge, and the Rat God promptly appears before him to congratulate him on making his dream come true. With his revenge exacted, Mad Rat claims that he's ready to die without regrets now, prompting the Rat God to "reward" him with cheese to follow to his happy ending. He follows it in blind ecstasy, and nearly arrives at an "ending" indeed -- that is, an "ending" in the mouth of a hungry cat, a fate that he only narrowly avoids thanks to Heart's intervention. Organ Autonomy: He's a sentient heart and eventually revealed to hold the same consciousness as the animal he was originally from.

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