KONG - Quest Star Pod - Treat Dispensing Dog Toy for Light to Moderate Chewers (Assorted Colours) - For Large Dogs

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KONG - Quest Star Pod - Treat Dispensing Dog Toy for Light to Moderate Chewers (Assorted Colours) - For Large Dogs

KONG - Quest Star Pod - Treat Dispensing Dog Toy for Light to Moderate Chewers (Assorted Colours) - For Large Dogs

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A sarcophagus is a specially-made coffin that is often associated with various religious beliefs in the resurrection of the dead, fitting its role to preserve the Doctor's body and its supernatural mechanism. Terra is predominantly inhabited by various races known as the Ancients, an amalgamation of humanoids with animal features and completely anthropomorphic animals. Other than the Ancients, Terra is also inhabited by Elders who are the previous ruling class of Terra. The Terran races have an extraordinary strength that could easily outmatch Homo sapiens of Earth thanks to their unique racial traits, [1] and they also have different anatomy that requires extensive medical studies to fully comprehend. [2] Aside from the Ancients and Elders, there are god-like beings known as Feranmuts like those who once ruled over Yan, Collapsals inhabiting the northern tundra and southern desert, and the Seaborn from the abyss of the vast ocean. While Ifrit was stopping the Army from harming the Vice President, Silence and Saria finally met again. Silence ushered out her grudge onto Saria for her questionable involvement. But before Saria could decide to reveal the truth, a sniper of the Army severely injures her head, bringing her into unconsciousness. Nevertheless, Silence and Ifrit helped carry Saria while fleeing from the Army's pursuit.

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Days after the "Trimounts Arc," R.L. has to reorganize its structure due to Kristen gone "missing," Parvis' death, and Jara's official retirement. Despite the difficulties ahead, the future of R.L. will definitely shine bright. Ferdinand was pardoned by R.L. for his wrongdoings in the past, and he proceeded to spread his knowledge regarding the Terran sky to the science community. Saria succeeded Kristen's position as R.L.'s next Control with Silence being her secretary. Most importantly, Silence published the "Trimounts' Joint Declaration of Scientific Ethics," and she hoped that it would set a standard for ethics of the science community and prevent disasters and wrongdoings of the past from repeating. Dan: Mentioned in the description of "Frost", Dan is possibly one of the three Eastern nations that Ceobe once ventured into. [10] It is likely a parallel to Korea in our world (just as Higashi and Yan being parallels to Japan and China respectively) with its name taken from Dangun in Korean mythology. The Terrans generally make use of cold weaponry (swords, spears, shields, bows, crossbows, etc.) along with the enhancement of giant military landships playing similar role to naval warships. Firearms and explosives do exist, but unlike Earth ones, they are Originium-based; Terran firearms use Originium Arts as the operating mechanism and fires Originium projectiles, making it more of a "magic wand" that fires bullets – which, from an Arts standpoint, are disposable Arts projectile wands themselves. [1] On the other hand, Terran explosives use compositions that are derived from Originium. My dear Narcissa, forgive me for turning you to such a failure....and may you cast your judgement onto this filthy man"

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