TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX - Stops and Prevents Box Blight - 200g for 100m2

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TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX - Stops and Prevents Box Blight - 200g for 100m2

TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX - Stops and Prevents Box Blight - 200g for 100m2

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Topbuxus products prevent and treat box blight to help recover your box without resorting to digging them up. It’s amazing that the leaf structure and colour have both changed. The leaves appear firmer and darker. I’m very pleased to say that after two applications of Topbuxus Healthmix, there was a very rapid and remarkable effect. The hedge is now covered with very healthy, new growth.

One box of TOPBUXUS XenTari contains 5 individual sachets, each containing 3 grams of product; Simply dissolve the contents of 1 sachet in 3 litres of water to treat 30 square meters of Boxwood surface. This makes the product easy to dose without the need of a precision scale. The client is totally speechless and has said that her box hedge has never looked so healthy since she has lived there. The firethorn was in trouble and she didn’t want to loose it. Every leaf had brown spot and 3 weeks later maybe a dozen leaves are left with brown spot. Topbuxus Carpet is hardwearing and it’ll last up to three years before needing replacement. You can use it around other plants too, as protective or decorative mulch. I have used all your products on our topiary buxus balls and as you can see they have been rejuvenated!! We are so pleased with the fantastic results. TOPBUXUS XenTari is an easy to use product against Box Blight It's 100% safe for humans, animals & insects such as bees & other pollinators. It can also be used preventively.Hi there, I am a professional gardener and my clients gardens range from an acre upwards -most with box . One particular clients box was in a really sad state but after 3 applications of Topbuxus Health Mix we are both amazed. Thank you for this amazing transformation!

Just for your interest we noticed signs of blight in one of our other box balls and also some in our neighbours plants so we sprayed everyone’s and think we have stopped the spread of this nasty disease locally at least even though it used up our spare tablets. We were delighted with the results. After two applications not only has the problem been arrested but there also seems to be some re-growth as well. I have been using Topbuxus health mix for a few years now and I believe it to be an amazing product that is easy to use and noticeably improves the health of box plants under any sort of stress in just a few weeks including discoloration, leaf spots and the first signs of box blight.Grow is fast acting and also long lasting and will continue feeding the plants for up to 2 months from application. Before Approx 2 weeks after applying Topbuxus Grow Why use Topbuxus Grow as well as Topbuxus Healthmix? Boxtree Moth caterpillar traps. Traps are not a cure in their own right but will assist you in catching and monitoring male Moths. Reducing male moth numbers will of course go some way towards limiting an infestation and reducing egg laying. Box grows three times a year in roughly April, June and August. During these growing phases it needs plenty of nutrients. This is not the usual way to fertilise plants and many fertilisers on the market are slow release or long-lasting versions. Box is special in that it needs a fast-acting fertiliser that keeps up with its growing patterns.

Hi, Your product is superb and working wonders with all my box plants. Had full recovery with one suffering with blight. I am a Head gardener on a large estate and have a large collection of box and topiary. The original Topbuxus Health Mix was developed when the growers realised spraying tonnes of fungicide onto their commercial box plants not only damaged the environment it came with no guarantee of prevention or cure. So together with Independent Research Institutes and the University of Wageningen they researched other ways to deal with blight instead. This moment can be more easily predicted by using a Box tree moth trap to monitor Box tree moth activity, when moths are trapped you can expect new caterpillars a couple of weeks later. XenTari is a biological insecticide containing a natural, potent strain of the microorganism Bacillus Thuringiensis subspecies Aizawai (Bta) that controls caterpillar pests. Grow formula is an easy to apply granular fertiliser that should be spread on the soil at a ratio of 50 grams per square metre. As with all fertilisers made for root absorption you should avoid getting any on the foliage as this can burn or discolour it. If you want a top quality fertiliser for your box plants Topbuxus Grow is a fast acting booster that encourages deep green leaves and healthy growth.Boxtree Moth caterpillars are not mysterious super creatures that are impervious to all insecticides apart from Topbuxus Xentari. We still think nothing is quite as good as Topbuxus Xentari, but if you can find an alternative, legally approved, caterpillar insecticide there is every chance it will kill them. When a caterpillar eats the XenTari-treated leaves it will stop feeding within 1 hour, causing no more damage to your precious Box plants, the affected caterpillars will die in 1-2 days. Mix 1 gram of TopBuxus XenTari with one 1 litre of water for every 10 square metres of hedge or plant surface. Spray both the upper and under side of the foliage thoroughly for best results. Once the treated leaves are consumed by a caterpillar, it will stop its feeding within the hour. The larvae die in the next 1 to 3 days, but the damage to the foliage is stopped almost instantly. Follow the link below to buy Topbuxus Xentari, the best solution for dealing with Box Moth Caterpillars by far!

When used on box in pots and containers (which tend to go a shade of yellow and bronze, especially after a wet winter), you can see the colour returning to the leaves within a week after the first application. TopBuxus is a highly effective preventative treatment against box blight developed by treating your Buxus plants to the vitamins they need to fight box blight. This is a non-chemical, preventative treatment. TopBuxus products were developed by a Top Dutch Boxwood Nursery together with the University of Wageningen. TOPBUXUS XenTari Original- Professional Dosage - Against Boxwood Moth Caterpillar - Biological - Safe for Bees and Birds - Also Effective Against Oak Processionary CaterpillarNematodes can be effective against Box Tree Caterpillars. The best species of nematode you can use is the Steinernema carpocapsae. Traps and Nematodes are readily available from various outlets online. You can apply Topbuxus Grow at any time of the year, but ensure temperatures are above 15 degrees. Its best applied when the leaves begin a growth spurt which is usually April, June and August.

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