We'Moon 2023: Silver Lining: 42nd Edition

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We'Moon 2023: Silver Lining: 42nd Edition

We'Moon 2023: Silver Lining: 42nd Edition

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Blue moon/supermoon coincidences are a lot rarer than either individual supermoons or Blue Moons. While a super blue moon could happen twice within the same month, they can also be separated by periods as long as 20 years, according to NASA. The space agency says the average time between Super Blue Moons is 10 years. In Numerology, the year 2025 corresponds with the number 9: Near Completion. What is near completion for you? For all sentient beings, and for Gaia? What are the “final steps” needing to be processed, digested, and worked through? What may need embellishment, bolstering, or balancing? How can we use the last moments inside this chrysalis to tune and refine the magic that will birth us into the future? Whether you are new to astrology or a fluent astrologer, this lunar planner has in-depth articles, helpful tips for beginners, and wonderful art and writing to inspire you on your daily journey.

The annular solar eclipse on Oct. 14 will be visible across parts of North America, Central America and South America. It will begin in thewestern United States and travel from the coast of Oregon to the Texas Gulf coast, passing over Nevada, Utah, New Mexico as well as some parts of California, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona. It then passes over Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Panama. It will conclude in South America as it passes over Columbia and Brazil. More full moon and night sky resources F 7 56 28 29 38 20 259 32 1032 49 9 50.8 8 16.6 21 08.4 8 26.7 6 11.9 3 55.7 24 27.3 14 56.7 23 15.9 28 16.4

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Sa 8 55 36 14 53 05 25 38 10 134 12 8 10.9 20 22.3 9 48.8 10 57.3 6 58.3 6 37.5 26 12.5 15 00.3 23 41.4 28 45.6

Astro Data Planet Ingress Last Aspect Ingress Last Aspect Ingress Phases & Eclipses    Astro Data Mars trine Neptune 1:35 AM MST, Venus semi-square Mars 5:20 AM, Sun trine Neptune 7:51 AM, Moon trine Uranus 12:51 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 7:52 PM, Moon sextile Sun 8:48 PM, Moon sextile Mars 8:51 PM, Sun conjunct Mars 10:41 PM. Friday, November 17: It furthers to have a project; put that ambient competence and ambition towards visions or intuitions we believe in, under a competence-inducing Capricorn Moon and as motivating Sun and Mars conjunct, and the Sun trines Neptune. To do so we may need to clear the ground and cut one thing to pursue another. Pay attention to social needs as the Venus and Mars semi-square can cause unconscious friction, but also some delightful sparks. Watch for flashes of temper or possessiveness tonight. The moon is a sphere that travels once around Earth every 27.3 days. It also takes about 27 days for the moon to rotate on its axis. So, the moon always shows us the same face; there is no single "dark side" of the moon. As the moon revolves around Earth, it is illuminated from varying angles by the sun — what we see when we look at the moon is reflected sunlight. On average, the moon rises about 50 minutes later each day, which means sometimes it rises during daylight and other times at night. Sa 8 00 24 039 26 18 10 10 25 50 15 9 41.0 8 31.7 22 23.2 8 32.3 6 17.9 4 05.7 24 34.2 14 56.5 23 17.4 28 18.4Waning gibbous: More than half of the moon's face appears to be getting sunlight, but the amount is decreasing. Su 10 22 20 7 06 44 21 38 47 28 00 00 5 51.9 21 46.7 6 57.8 17 56.2 5 11.9 11 12.1 28 51.7 15 26.4 24 26.5 29 24.9 Brimming with insight and beauty, our day planner hosts over 30 informative articles, daily astrological Info, moon phases and signs, along with brilliant art features, provocative poems and prose. This week-at-a-glance datebook provides an entire year's worth of motivation, inspiration and companionship.

The moon can even create a "ring of fire" solar eclipse when it passes directly in front of the sun, but is at a point in its orbit that is too far from Earth to fully cover the sun's disk. This leaves a ring, or "annulus," around the moon to create what is called an annular solar eclipse.Each individual submission should be its own file and titled as follows: TITLE-CREDIT-NAME-YEAR.PDF (example: Self Portrait-Frida Kahlo-1940.PDF) Canada: We have two distributors in Canada, one on the West Coast ( Dempsey or 800-667-3399), and one on the East Coast ( Quanta or (888) 436-7962). Pass the one closest to you a note to ask about shops selling We'Moon near where you live, or to ask them to sell to you directly.

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